Trash Tiger

The SUNCO TRASH TIGER is a cost effective, trouble free method of removing trash and shucks from beds without burning.TrashTiger Row Cleaner

Sunco's Trash Tiger dependably moves trash to the middles without pulling out the stubble. High-speed operation allows for quick removal behind harvesters. The Trash Tiger's patented 22" Tiger Tooth Trash Discs don't choke even in the heaviest trash and it's heavy duty construction provide for years of dependable operation.

The Trash Tiger offers these exclusive features:

  • 5-Rows with operating speeds from 6-8 mph to cover lots of acres.
  • Tandem gauge wheels to smoothly float over drains and maintain field operating speeds.
  • Row unit gauge wheels for exact depth adjustment to remove the trash but leave the stubble.
  • Two way row unit shocks for smooth field operation.
  • Adjustable, heavy duty rear blades to insure trash is moved to middles
  • Heavy duty, long lasting construction to provide for years of dependable trouble free performance.


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