Stabilizes the heaviest equipment - stops implement drift

When you need Stabilization, make it a SUNCO STABILIZER

Sunco Implement Stabilizer

Many planters, bedders and cultivators experience stability problems. These problems can be caused by varying soil texture and moisture conditions, operating on the side of hills, or uneven wear on the row units. When these problems occur, the implement has a tendency to slide. Proper implement stabilization is required for pivoting or steering type guidance systems, such as the Acura Trak, to function correctly. Sunco manufactures a very heavy duty, rear-mounted disc stabilizer that can be attached to the tool bar of the implement.



  • Strong design for the heaviest equipment
  • Standard safety shield
  • Dependable coil spring protection
  • Adequate height adjustment for high tool bar implements
  • Available with 29" coulter 14 inches of quick and easy field height adjustment.
  • Maintenance-free pre-lubed bushing
  • Spring preload to keep coulter from sagging when implement is raised
  • Equipped with heavy duty implement hub and spindle
  • 8", 24", 48", 60" or 72" mount brackets available
  • Mounts to 7x7, 5x7, 4x4 and 4x7 tool bars
  • Gives positive position control to any implement for improved performance
  • Works well with steering type guidance systems such as Acura Trak
  • Can be mounted on implements such as planters, bedders, cultivators, etc.
  • Optional Hydraulic Lift kit available


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