Sunco Floating Saber Tooth Trash Discs

Sunco Floating Saber Tooth Trash Discs


Saber Tooth Cam FloaterSaber Tooth NutriFloater


Standard and NutriMate 3 Floating Models now Available!

All the same field-proven advantages of the original Sunco Saber Tooth: Disc Concavity, Exclusive Tooth Design, and Disc Separation.

Removes residue from the seedbed that can cause seed germination and emergence problems or disease and damage to young seedlings

Floating parallel arms allow the Floating Saber Tooth to follow the contours of the field consistently clearing residue

Can be used in conjunction with the Precision Planting® CleanSweep® System (not included)

The CleanSweep® System allows for quick and effortless in-cab adjustment of row cleaner down pressure





Sales Literature     

  1. Parallel Floating Row Cleaners
  2. Floating Row Cleaners With Depth Band
  3. NutriFloater 3


  1. Saber Tooth Discs with Depth Bands (3012168L/R)
  2. NutriMate 3 With Floating Saber Tooth Frame Parts & Quantities
  3. Floating Saber Tooth with Spring Down Pressure Parts & Quantities
  4. Floating Saber Tooth Parts & Quantities
  5. Floating Saber Tooth for Nutri Mate 3 Parts & Quantities
  6. Dry NutriMate 3 With Floating Saber Tooth Assembly
  7. Parts Assembly Lists: 5011277L/R - 5011278L/R - 5011285L/R - 5011286L/R KIT III FLOATING SABER TOOTH
  8. 475282L/R Compact Linkage Assembly Floating Saber Tooth - 4 Arm for CIH 2160
  9. 470261L/R (1Disc) & 470262L/R (20/20) Linkage Assy with Clean Sweep Ready Floating Saber Tooth - 4 Arm



Cam Floaters

Sunco Floating Saber Tooth


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