Acuratrak - The Pioneer in 3-Point row crop guidance

All New Advanced State-of-the-Art Guidance with "Trak Tronics" with Micro Processor Control

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Acura Trak

Accuracy, elimination of crop and root damage, guess rows within 1/2 inch, straight rows, reduction in operator fatigue, and the ability to increase operating speeds and tractor efficiency, are among the many advantages of using the Acura Trak Guidance System.

Over 17 years of specializing in guidance technology has made Sunco the industry leader offering the latest hydro-electronic advancements with the best performance, dependability, and service in the industry. Sunco's Acura Trak will handle the largest equipment manufactured (bedders, strip till, machines, planters, cultivators) pulled by all brands of tractors, including high horse powered front wheel assist and 4-wheel drive units. Purchasers take comfort that Sunco specializes in 3- point guidance and a company-customer partnership is developed on every sale.

Acura Trak Console



  • The Acura Trak Guidance System is the first guidance system built in a quick hitch
  • Works in any row crop
  • Strong cast iron construction to handle the heaviest implements
  • Quick Hitch design
  • Easily converts to Cat 2, 3, 3N or 4
  • Digital Electronics with "Micro-Processor" and Hall Effect sensors
  • With state-of-the-art microprocessing, the controller has a position indicator showing the location of the tractor relative to the row or mark. This indicator can also help the operator steer the tractor in the center of the row if desired and enables use at night
  • Provides operator finger-tip control of all adjustments of the guidance system, including manual steering of the implement
  • Has warning alarm when wands or implement reach maximum movement to the right or left
  • All sensors are Hall Effect design versus photo cell, as used in other guidance systems The Hall Effect sensing used in Acura Trak resists damage and malfunction caused by moisture, dust and contamination
  • Acura Trak's combination of a microprocessor and soft steer hydraulics gives the operator automatic steering to handle the most severe sidehills and contours. This unique electronic/hydraulic design can be used on all tractor hydraulic systems, giving years of smooth, dependable guidance.

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