Nutri Mate 3 - Increase yields by precisely placed 2x2 fertilizer using Sunco's NutriMate 3 openers on your planter.

Exclusive Features that put the SUNCO NUTRIMATE 3 in a class by itself!

Sunco offers a NutriMate 3 opener to fit every need!








Placing starter on both sides of the row leads to more uniform root development and increase root mass which creates stronger more healthier plants and increased yield.

It's extremely important the toolbar height and tilt is correct when using Sunco's row unit mounted NutriMate 3 Fertilizer Opener ( click here for more information )

Sales Literature

  1. NutriFloater Liquid
  2. NutriMate 3 Pin Adjust Liquid
  3. NutriFloater Dry
  4. NutriMate 3 Pin Adjust Dry
  5. Apply Fertilizer on both sides of the row with the NutriMate 3 Double

Parts Information

  1. NutriMate 3 Assembly Parts and Quantities
          (501L/R700 & 501L/R700H, 501L/R700D & 501L/R700HD)
  2. NutriFloater  (501L/R802 & 501L/R802H)
  3. NutriFloater (501L/R803D & 501L/R803HD)
  4. NutriMate II Assembly Parts and Quantities
  5. Floating Saber Tooth for NutriMate 3 Parts & Quantities
          (5011254L/R & 5011255L/R & 5011256L/R)
  6. Dry Nutri Mate 3 With Floating Saber Tooth Frame
          (501L/R803D & 501L/R803HD)
  7. Double Offset NutriMate 3 Assembly
          (502D700L/R & 502DD700L/R & 502D700HL/HR)

Other Information

  1. Air Cylinder Fitting Guard
  2. NutriMate 3 Attachments on Planters
  3. NutriMate 3 Metal Inside Scraper
  4. Metal Fabricated Scraper and Nylon Drop Tube Assembly Instructions
  5. Planter Leveling tips
  6. Delivery Tube and Scraper Installation
  7. Installing NutriMate II Pivot Arm