Sub-Inch Placement In Modern Farming

Provide seed with a better chance of germination and emergence by improving soil conditions with the application of fertilizer

One of the basic rules of farming is to plant the seed in soil in prime condition. Following these guidelines provides the seed with a better chance of germination and emergence. One way we have to improve soil conditions is the application of fertilizer.

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The Importance of Row Cleaning

If you are a row crop farmer, you know the importance of quality row cleaning before seed germinate. Germination inhibitors, substances produced by each plant, prevent seed germination until conditions are favorable to give seeds a better start and limit the density of plant growth. The correct temperature, water, and soil conditions are required to begin germination and allow the primary root to emerge and anchor itself to the ground. 

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Pull Implement Guidance In Agriculture

Modern agricultural technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. In the last 20 years, precision agriculture has exploded in popularity as a way of practicing farming. New technology has improved efficiency with the introduction of a few essential tools. Perhaps the most valuable addition to  pull  implement guidance are auto-steering using GPS guidance accurate up to an inch to steer tractors and other machinery.

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